Under Self-Righteous Lock and Key

I thought I had it on lock.

Sunday service, blouse up to my chin, thick wool skirt, nothing too thin…

Can’t let that sin in…

I am holy and set a part, I can’t be there for you physically, but I can be there for your heart.

Call me girl… let’s chat on the phone.

Can’t meet up with you, or go out and hang, that’s the demon zone.

But I love you, I have been where you are.

I can look down to help you, I’m not up here too far…

I’ve been delivered from the sin your in,

God’s blessings are on the way for me.

I don’t know what you have been doing, but I go to church 4 days a week,

I am sold out and committed, sign me up I don’t get tired, I’m not weak

I mean sometimes I don’t feel like doing things, but what kind of child of God would I be

He woke me up this morning, in my right mind, and with two eyes to see!

What would I look like resting or take a break, I am faithful!

I would never want God to think that I am ungrateful!

Like if I could get a grade for this, I would be getting an A

I am attending everything, I am there on time, I can stay all day!


I didn’t get that job, that relationship didn’t work out..

I was at the all night revival God, didn’t you hear me shout?

I know I messed up before God, but now I’m back on track.

I have been telling all my friends I can’t go out with them, I thought you had my back!

So I’ve sacrificed for nothing, I’ve missed out on all the fun,

This is going to be my last time giving the God thing a try, I am so done.

—- Sis, have you been there? I have. This happens when your heart is not in it. Let God change you! You’re no better than anyone else, and there is no one better than You! What God has for you, is just for you .


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