The Issue

You were never the issue,

I never meant to misuse you,

you don’t get the tissue

cause you never listened to me did you?

I told you everything I wanted, and everything I was looking for.

Says more about me loving me, than me loving you, when I walk out the door.

This wasn’t a one way street, you can go the same direction.

Don’t do me favors or stay with me for my hearts protection,

use this as the lesson

I can’t handle your fragility

when I’m maintaining by mental stablility

I wanted to be your peace, but you weren’t whole

You were looking at me instead of looking up and our relationship took the toll

I can’t carry it all

You know God did that on the cross, that’s not my call

You were bringing things to me,

when you should have tapped into His line

not saying everything would have been fine

Maybe you’ll figure it out next time

I can’t go back to the things that took me under

Don’t want to be stagnant and look back and wonder

I have to choose me

there’s battles I am fighting that you don’t even see

I cried out for you but you could never hear it

We were never in the same spirit

except that one time on Valentines Day

When our plans were in the way.

God stepped in and gave us a glimpse of what He wanted to do

He got through to me, but I don’t know if He got through to you.

I am not pressed for time,

Probably cause its not even mine.

One day it’ll happen for me, but until then

I will remain with Him

I’ve always known Him, and I’ve always known he was the one,

And my heart will be satisfied, when the time is right, when he looks at me and says “well done…”

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