All we want is love, all He wants is love.

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is Love, 1 John 4:8.

I am just a person. A person like you. A person who has been hurt, loved, broken, happy, shattered, weary… and the list goes on. In Matthew 22:37, God commands us to love Him. Not because He needs us, but because He knows how much loving him first will help us grow into the spiritual and emotional maturity for a God centered relationship.

So, I’ve talked to other women. I have heard their stories, and with their blessings I am sharing them here. From the young girl searching, to the mature woman reflecting I believe all women can be blessed through the sharing of our stories.

Love Score

I have lived, I know love, and I know loss. I know heartache, I know divorce. I know abuse. I know pain. I. Know. I know that in love, in marriage, in parenting, there are no ” winners ” or “losers.” No one “wins” We all do our best. We all fall short. Love wins.Continue reading “Love Score”

Silent Ringer

My heart is in danger, and I keep calling you. I hear the phone ringing, but for some reason it’s still not getting through to you. I’m trying to tell you it’s and emergency This situation requires some urgency My heart is becoming numb My heart is in danger, I keep calling you, I wishContinue reading “Silent Ringer”

The Issue

You were never the issue, I never meant to misuse you, you don’t get the tissue cause you never listened to me did you? I told you everything I wanted, and everything I was looking for. Says more about me loving me, than me loving you, when I walk out the door. This wasn’t aContinue reading “The Issue”


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