Silent Ringer

My heart is in danger, and I keep calling you.

I hear the phone ringing, but for some reason it’s still not getting through to you.

I’m trying to tell you it’s and emergency

This situation requires some urgency

My heart is becoming numb

My heart is in danger, I keep calling you, I wish that you would come

As the moments pass, my feelings become faint

I can’t scream, I can’t yell, I have to use some restraint

I only have one heart, and this has become a chronic condition

See before you came along there were some injuries I didn’t mention

But I told you the things you do that trigger the pain

But no matter how many times I reminded you, your actions remain the same.

I’ve wrapped it and I’ve patched it, and I’ve safely put it away.

Until the person who will hear the whisper of my heart, I will wait for that day.


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